Welcome to the Surry County e-Treasurer Services

The Surry County Treasurer's Office is pleased to offer an online inquiry and payment system. This site can be used to make online payments to Surry County inquire into tax ticket information and access other services from the comfort of your home or office.

Payment Options

Note: When making a partial payment on a delinquent ticket, the remaining balance on the receipt does not include applicable penalty and interest. To determine the remaining balance including penalty and interest, please look up the ticket again using one of the options below, or call the Treasurer's Office at 757-294-5206 during regular business hours.

If you have a DMV Hold on your personal property account, please include the DMV Fee ($50) in your personal property payment. Holds will not be released until personal property taxes and DMV fees are paid in full.

Real Estate Tax:

Pay Real Estate taxes online. Look up tickets by Dept/Ticket Number, Parcel Number, Name or Account Number.

Personal Property Tax:

Pay Personal Property taxes online. Look up tickets by Dept/Ticket Number or PIN.

Prepay Real Estate:

Prepay Real Estate taxes before bills are issued. Identify prepayments using Parcel Number or Name.

Prepay Personal Property:

Prepay Personal Property taxes before bills are issued. Look up by PIN.

Pay Business License:

Pay Business License fees using PIN or Account Number.

Inquiry Options

Real Estate Tax:

View Real Estate payment history.

Personal Property Tax:

View Personal Property payment history.

Yearly Real Estate Taxes Paid:

View Real Estate taxes paid by year.

Yearly Personal Property Taxes Paid:

View Personal Property taxes paid by year.